If you’re part of the Learning Coach Program at Bethany Hope Centre, then you could find yourself winning a Gift Card from Tim Horton’s. All you have to do is keep on being the hard-working dedicated student that you are! Students can earn points for checking in with John, completing units and exams, PLAR applications, or spending extra time at Bethany doing homework. For more details, drop by or give us a call.

Text: 613.799.2668
Email: LC@bethanyhopecentre.ca
Call Phil: 613.725.1733 ext 208
Call John: 613.725.1733 ext 104

Eligibility Criteria

How long does it take to get a Secondary School Diploma?

Ready to Finish highschool?

Offered through a long standing partnership between Bethany Hope Centre and LEAP, this program helps young parents continue or complete their high school education. The program meets you where you are at, whether you have just a little bit left or are just getting started. 

We will help you figure out your current standing and get a copy of your last transcript. You will be able to sign up for distance education courses and be supported in achieving your goals. Those who complete the program can participate in our graduation celebration and can apply for a post-secondary bursary.

Pregnant or parenting and under the age of 2. Free to most LEAP clients, minimal course fee for those not on LEAP.

You could be the next Student of the Month!

Hours of Operation

To work at many jobs in Ontario you need to have an Ontario High School Diploma. You
also need to have an Ontario High School Diploma for most apprenticeships and to go
on to further education.

It depends on your educational, work and life experiences. Through the Prior Learning
Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
process, you can be awarded several high school
credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. In some instances, this could
be accomplished within a year.

Monday 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Tuesday – Thursday 9:30am – 3:30pm
Friday 9:30am – 11:15am

Childcare for ILC

How To register

Learning Coach Program

Limited childcare is available for students currently without regular daycare. Call ahead to reserve a space for your child:

Children’s Services: 613.725.1733 ext 203

Why would I want to get an Ontario Secondary School Diploma?