Grief Counselling


    Worship Sunday at 10:30 am.
   Children are welcome.

   Messy Church Monday 5-7 pm

   All ages welcome

   For those who have experienced a loss and are looking to work through

   it with support.

   A four week program for couples looking to improve their communication

   and bond.    

   What is God like? What does he think about me? How do I talk to my

   child about God?   

   These questions and more are answered as we learn from God's Word


   At times life can be overwhelming.  Erin and the Church Family and the

   Bethany Hope Faith Community are here to pray with you.

   As an ordained minister our Chaplain is also available for Baby

   Dedications, Weddings, Funerals and Hospital Visitation.

At the Bethany Hope Centre we understand and accept that confidentiality is essential to the ministry of the Chaplain in gaining trust and in protecting the privacy of anyone and everyone wishing to speak with her.

Spiritual Care

Prayer Support

Worship services


Spiritual Care is available to all clients of the Bethany Hope Centre.

You do not need an appointment to speak with the Chaplain, but it often helps.

Due to the often urgent nature of some situations our Chaplain is also available during non-office hours.

BiblE Study


Special Life Events

Major Erin Verhey
613-725-1733 ext 210

Couples Care