Social interaction – Babies and toddlers benefit from the opportunity to socially interact with other children of similar age to them, this will greatly help them to understand, adapt and cope in different situations, situations that they might not be used to within their own home.

Confident building – Children seem to have a natural ability to be confident. You can stand a child in front of an audience and ask them to sing a song, and usually they’d be happy to, but as an adult it can be a lot more difficult, I guess because we’re more aware of things around us and what others might be thinking. Anyway, social interaction within playgroups encourages a lot of confident building, which in my mind is essential for children, especially as they develop into older kids and into their teens.

Meeting other parents – Playgroups doesn’t just benefit babies and toddlers but also parents, as a dad I also get to enjoy the benefits of adult interaction, meeting and engaging with other mums and dads, learning new things and seeing how my own children cope in different environments and situations, which helps me to understand their needs better.

Meeting their mental and physical needs – Playgroups are great for encouraging stimulation in babies and toddlers, and as parents we know how important stimulation is both mentally and in meeting children’s physical needs.

Give your children a head start for pre-school – Finally, the benefits of taking your child to playgroups is that it prepares and gives them a good head start for pre-school amongst other things.


Tuesday from 10-12
Join us with your newborn to pre-walker.

  • Circle time
  • Infant Development
  • Well Baby Weigh-In
  • Snacks

When your child begins to walk we will graduate them to the Toddler program.


Why Playgroups Are Great For Babies And Toddlers (and moms and dads)

Bethany Hope Centre Playgroups


First Friends

Friday from 10-12

Children newborn to 6 years of age are welcome.

  • Circle time
  • Free-Play
  • Drop-in Medical Clinic
  • Immunizations
  • Snacks

Help your child socialize and make new friends.


Wednesday from 10-12

Join us with your little walker.

  • Circle time
  • Toddler Development
  • Well Toddler Weigh-In
  • Snacks

Help your child prepare for pre-school or daycare.