Every second Tuesday from 1-3 pm. See our calendar for dates or call 613-725-1733 to confirm.

Ottawa Sexual Health Clinic Drop-In

We offer

Information on STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and contraception
Free testing and treatment for STIs
Confidential or anonymous HIV testing
Emergency contraception (ECP)- Plan B only
Affordable contraception (for those who qualify)
IUD/IUS insertion (by appointment only at main clinic)
Pregnancy testing & information about options
Hepatitis A & B immunization (for those who qualify)
Free condoms

We DO NOT assess or treat:

Blood work for herpes or pregnancy
Urinary tract infections
Pain, sores or bumps in the mouth or throat including cold sores.
Scabies, crabs or lice
Sexual dysfunction (erection and arousal difficulties, timing of ejaculation, low libido)
Fertility, miscarriage or menopause

In the above cases you should NOT come to the Sexual Health Centre; instead, please see your Family Physician or a Walk-In Clinic.  In the case of an Emergency, please go directly to the nearest Hospital.