Nourish Community Garden

Our community garden was inaugurated in 2014 with a small corner plot by the playground. In 2015, it expanded along the walkway with an herb garden, strawberries and a children's garden. In 2016 through a small grant from Just Food, we were able to build 3 raised beds which allow accessibility for those with mobility issues. Over the winter we will continue to raise funds with the hopes that next year we can add 3 more raised beds and an indoor farm wall and tower gardens for harvesting good food year round. 

Urban Gardens have many therapeutic properties and require less space than one would think. They allow the families of Bethany Hope and the surrounding community to interact with food in a new way. Seed to table is an experience many urban families have never had. Children help to plant, water and harvest crops. Parents engage with their children about what is growing and conversations about nature and healthy eating are stimulated. Families can harvest as they need it, items are added to our meal programs and food share and new cooking opportunities like canning arise.

If you are interested in supporting this program as a donor or volunteer please contact:

  Dennise Yarema


613-725-1733 ext 202