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Setting Healthy Boundaries  

Honouring Anger  

Developing Healthy  Relationships  

Individual Sessions can be based on whatever the young parent is interested in exploring.  

Support is unconditional, confidential and focused on the needs of the individual.

For those looking for more structured sessions there are a number of program available on an individual basis.

6-7  sessions (can be extended)

Topics may include:
  1.   Exploration of your experience of anxiety
        and introduction to types of anxiety.
  2.   Mindfulness and Relaxation.
  3.   Caring for ourselves physically.
  4.   Identifying our emotions and thoughts
        and their relation to anxiety.
  5.   Continuing work of week 4.
  6.   Communication and relating to others.
  7.   Facing Our Fears.

Coping with Anxiety 


4-6 sessions (can be extended)     

Topics may include:
1. Identifying personal beliefs about anger.
2.  Diagnosing your anger
3.  Defining your personal anger “chain reaction”.
4.  Looking at underlying causes of anger. 
5. Developing strategies to help you choose how you want to respond to your anger.

Communicating Assertively 

3-4 sessions (can be extended)

Topics may include:
1.   What is a personal boundary?
2 .  Identifying personal boundary
      challenges & issues.
3.   Actions associated with
      choosing “safe” people & being
      a “safe person” .
4.  Developing personal strategies
     and action plans related to
     boundary setting.  

 4 -6  sessions (can be extended)

  Topics may include:
  1.  Difference between healthy & unhealthy
  2.  Identifying patterns in personal

  3.  Identifying issues of emotional, mental,

       and physical safety in relationships.
  4.  Developing strategies and practices
       for personal safety and well-being in

4-6 sessions (can be extended)      

Topics may include:
1.  Defining assertiveness.
2.  Active listening .
3.  Identifying personal
     communication patterns &
     desired changes.
4.  Developing and practicing
     effective communication
     strategies targeted to key
     personal situations.

Individual Counselling Support