Interested in getting your high school diploma?

Children whose parents graduated from high school have an increased chance of completing high school themselves.

(Statistics Canada, 2008)

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If you’re a young parent who has put school on hold, for five days or five years, you may be hearing a little voice whispering “…high school, high school, gotta get that high school diploma”.

Wait no longer! If you want a diploma, we can help.

The Learning Coach Program is offered through a long standing partnership between Bethany Hope Centre and LEAP, part of Ontario Works. Our affiliation with LEAP allows us to quickly and efficiently serve our students, and help them reach their academic goals.

Our program is also supplemented by a successful partnership between the Bethany Hope Centre and the Ottawa Carleton District School Board’s Continuing Education program.  Through Continuing Education, we are able to offer the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Program (PLAR), and a variety of other education opportunities, including Co-operative Education and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course.



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