Buns in the Oven is a weekly program for pregnant women. You can come to Buns in the Oven the moment you learn you are pregnant and stay until your child is six months old. Your partner is welcome to attend with you.

What’s it all about?

Cooking and eating together, learning about pregnancy and babies, and free food to take home
Our approach is casual and relaxed, no one is judged and it is a great chance to meet new friends. A healthy pregnancy helps to ensure the birth of a healthy infant.
We offer a variety of supports: nutrition education, food, social support and health education.

Participants tell us they are attracted to the program for information, food and social support. They walk away with much more – increased confidence and self-esteem, new friends and valuable knowledge related to nutrition, health and parenting.

When is it Offered?

This program is available at many sites across the city.   At BHC you can attend on Tuesdays from 1-3 pm.

What we hear about the program…..

“The program is great. If a person is shy when they first start, and they keep coming, they will eventually get over their shyness. Nobody laughs at you.”

“I needed to learn a lot of things. Before I came here I didn’t know how to take care of a baby – I didn’t know how to bath a baby, change the baby or feed the baby.”

“We kind of help each other out, like there’s information exchange – I like that.”

“I am eating really well – maybe I’ve also become more conscious about it. We talk a lot about it (nutrition).

Buns In the Oven Prenatal Nutrition Program