I'm an Alumni, when can I visit?

I'm an alumni and I want to give back


   Shona Woodland is an alumni who has taken the next step  

   in giving back to the community and set up an annual bursary

   for a graduate of the BHC Independent Learning program. 

  Other alumni have come back to speak to current young

  parent participants about their experiences and to share their

  skills. If you are a BHC alumni and have an idea about how

  you would like to become involved in supporting other young

  parents give us a call!

  We would love to hear from you.

Alumni Program

     On the last Monday of the month we offer Katch-Up, an alumni time to access foodshare and an opportunity to check in with staff regarding resources or just to say hello. The program is open to all alumni of the program. 

    Please see the calendar on the website or call in to confirm the program dates and times as sometimes they may change.

Alumni at BHC go on to do many exciting things. Some have continued in their academic or employment pursuits.

Others have become involved in their children's school or their communities in active ways.

Many come back to share with us what is going on in their lives.