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A NOTE FROM OUR Executive Director

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The Bethany Hope Centre thrives when the community gets involved. See who works with us to help us make life better for young families in Ottawa.

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   Historically,  The Salvation Army has been 

   committed to ministering to young single

   women in need, both expectant and new

   mothers in Ottawa over the past century.

  Although aspects of this ministry have 

  changed (significantly to include the needs

  of young fathers and couples) , both the

  practical aspects of this service and its

  spiritual motivation have remained constant.


The Salvation Army

12 years ago when I first joined the Bethany Hope Centre team, the team of 6 staff was small but dedicated. Today, that dedication has paid off as we have grown in size and services and are able to offer a safe, caring community environment to more than 450 young families a year.  

I am proud to say that we have the investment of key community stakeholders including many sponsors, donors, the City of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario and The Salvation Army Canada. They join us on our journey to increase the opportunities for improving the well-being of young parent families in Ottawa. Thanks for all the support that has made that possible!

However, there is still long way to go as young parents and their children need economic independence to experience real improved well-being. That means improved educational standards, permanent and meaningful work, good nutrition and health care, and healthy, safe living environments.


We still need you, so please continue to reach out and support young families who have the same hopes and dreams that we all do.

Naomi Praamsma CYW, MA

Executive Director

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